"We were somewhere over the Pacific,

on the edge of forty thousand feet,

when reality began to take hold..."

A real-life attempt to film a reality television pilot turned into the most unreal experiences of a lifetime for veteran journalist and producer Wayne Darwen and videographer Henry Goren, when they found themselves transformed into the characters Dave High and Roland Jointz in an accidental immersive investigation of the marijuana wars on the island of Hawai'i.  Not quite sure what they had when they brought their film and video back to the mainland, the pair edited a brief trailer that was posted on YouTube and quickly racked up more than 1.5 million views -- that's one point five MILLION -- while Darwen's appearance as Dave High on TheLipTV's Buzzsaw podcast shattered previous download records. With the help of veteran producer Burt Kearns, HIGH THERE became a film, Darwen found himself compared to gonzo legend Hunter S. Thompson and Australian comedic icon Barry MacKenzie, and a new legend was born.  Now, as HIGH THERE wraps up a journey on the film festival circuit that began with the Action on Film Festival and culminated with a Viewers' Choice Award at the first annual Cannabis Film Festival in Humboldt County, reviewers are raving ("A trip... full of comedy and chaos!" -- LA Weekly  "Absurdly funny!" -- Anchorage Press) and people around the world can watch HIGH THERE in the privacy of their own homes as BRINKvision releases the film on VOD and Limited Edition DVD June 23rd!